Skyler has built a formidable “library” of technology that allows us to rapidly develop products and add features to benefit new and existing customers with richer functionality, whilst maintaining the high performance and reliability upon which we have built our reputation.

Skyler’s mature technology includes the core functions:

High-performance, multi-threaded architecture: the software products run as a multi-threaded process on Red Hat Linux. This allows us to maximise the performance from commodity hardware – our benchmarks typically give 100,000 ticks per second per core at sub-millisecond latency.

Multiple API connectivity: Skyler products support the industry standard market data APIs – RFA/UPA/Elektron API, Bloomberg API, OpenMAMA. When available, we implement full functionality for recaps/initial images, enforcement of entitlements and authentication.

Symbol mapping: Skyler products are completely agnostic to symbology, and hence can be used in any environment. To facilitate interoperability, an in-built mapping function is available to map from one symbol schema to another (for instance to support multiple vendors).

Data Model Abstraction: Skyler products use a dynamically extensible, independent data model to support sourcing and publishing between data vendors. The data model is also fundamental when dealing with business logic (for instance in the Omnibook order book).

Auditing: A full audit capability is available where relevant (i.e. for internal publishing and contributions) and where the capability to identify sources is provided by the API. So for example a contributing application using RFA and authenticated via DACS will provide detailed support for auditing.

Entitlements and authentication support: Skyler products support OpenDACS for authentication, as well as subject (topic-based) permissions for publishing and subscriptions for client internal data (DART support is in development). Market data entitlements are fully supported for Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and SR/Wombat market data.