Where is the best price? How do I see the true market depth?

omnidiagTrading in today’s markets is increasingly complex. Ever more information is available at ever increasing speeds from multiple venues and market data providers. Coping with this fragmentation of liquidity and being able to act on the information is key to driving alpha, and to achieving best execution for clients.

How do you know you have the best price? Not just for best execution, but for best profit? Skyler Omnibook consolidates and aggregates pricing from multiple venues into a single order book for accurate and comprehensive coverage of the Equity and FX markets.

OmniBook provides a view of liquidity across all markets available. It aggregates price data from multiple venues or exchanges in a variety of ways. These include: an aggregated Level 1 or consolidated tape; Best Bid and Offer prices across a whole region, with corresponding trade ticker; and a full-depth, aggregated order book.

Omnibook is available in two versions: Omnibook Lite, and Omnibook Enterprise