Share data between applications in real-time

Livecache is a feature-rich, customisable real-time cache for market data platforms. Use Livecache to:

  • Share internal data between applications
  • Create super records from multiple sources
  • Combine reference data with real-time data for all applications
  • Provide dynamic, on-demand scratchpads for real-time data
  • Bridge and share data between applications written for different market data platforms (TREP-RT/RMDS, OpenMAMA, Bloomberg Enterprise Platform)
  • Audit data usage to and from from TREP sources

Publishing and subscribing to real-time data enterprise-wide can be an expensive business; not just for the infrastructure and comms, but it is also common for data vendors to charge you for your own data. 

Flexibility is another demanding requirement; do you really want to delay pricing a new product, or adding more data fields just because the system requires software or configuration changes?

With the complexity of the modern market data infrastructure, meeting the demands of audit and compliance can also be a huge challenge. Keeping tabs on who is using your market data, and even more, who is publishing your prices, may seem almost impossible.

And with multiple data sources, application programming and configuration becomes ever more complex. But what if your apps could get all the data they need from a single source?

For a flexible, fast, easy to use and low maintenance solution, look no further than Skyler Livecache.

livecachediag1Skyler LiveCache addresses all these requirements:

  • Fast (<20 micrososeconds latency) real-time cache
  • Create super records from multiple sources
  • Use any symbology you like
  • Create multiple, private record sets, or globally available data
  • Manage permissions using industry-standard DACS (DART support in development) per record, per user, read & write
  • Full audit trail of record updates with date, time, user, record, field and value
  • Completely dynamic record and field creation – new records created on the fly as required, and new fields added to records as they are published
  • Supports the Thomson Reuters OMM data model for full flexibility over data formats
  • Persistence to disk and server replication/synchronization

Livecache comes in two versions – Livecache Lite, and Livecache Enterprise.

 How it works

Skyler LiveCache is a Linux application. You run the software on a Linux server connected to your existing market data platform – RMDS or Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP), or OpenMAMA. Applications publish to the source by POSTing data, and subscribers will see updates in real-time just like any other market data source.

Access to Livecache can be managed via DACS in a TREP environment (DART support is in development). Subject-based entitlements are enforced on a record-by-record basis, so the DACS administrator can control who is able to read (subscribe to) a record and (most importantly) who can write (publish). For market data distribution, content-based entitlements are preserved.

All POSTed data (from internal users or applications) is logged with full date, time, user, record, field and value to meet audit requirements.

The cache can be configured to persist to disk, and multiple LiveCache servers can replicate and synchronise data over a wide area to ensure global consistency.

The cache itself has no symbology restrictions or field limitations; any symbol scheme can be implemented by the customer and fields can use any OMM style format.

RAM usage is extremely low; data is stored in native format, and memory is used on demand. A 32GB server will comfortably support millions of records (depending on field usage).