Livecache Lite

Continuing our philosophy that market data solutions do not need to be complex or expensive, Skyler has introduced Livecache Lite. Livecache Lite is intended to be a quick and easy solution for customers wishing to share internal data with the minimum of effort, or to provide a persistent layer for a publisher. Livecache Lite includes the following features:

    • Fast real-time cache with persistence
    • RFA or OpenMAMA API
    • Unlimited records (depending on memory available)
    • Runs as a user-mode Linux process
  • Simple 4-step installation and configuration

Livecache Lite runs as a simple application in user mode on the Linux server of your choice. Despite this, the performance is identical to our full Livecache Enterprise product, and is limited only by the server configuration you use.

Installation and configuration is a simple 4-step process, and you can be up and running within minutes.

How it works

Livecache appears as TREP-RT or MAMA source when it runs. Your applications can publish data to Livecache in real-time (using OMM POST or MAMA publish) and any subscribing applications will receive updates as they occur. As each update is processed, so the cache is persisted to disk in case of failure.

New subscribers will receive an initial image based on the current cache values, and then receive updates as they occur.

Publishers may publish new topics (RICs, in Thomson Reuters parlance) freely and Livecache will create records if they don’t already exist. Similarly, if new fields are published to an existing record, these will be added to the cache and passed to subscribers as required.

Note that Livecache uses an optimised disk handler to ensure very high performance, however if your cache is being updated at a high rate (1000’s of updates per second continuously) then we recommend an SSD-based disk subsystem.