Connect your TREP-RT sources to Enterprise Platform

With Skyler B-switch-H, you can connect existing TREP-RT sources to Bloomberg Platform. Some examples of use cases:

    • To access an internal pricing source from a Bloomberg Terminal, spreadsheet or Bloomberg application in a hybrid environment
    • To access a TREP-RT data feed from a Bloomberg application (note that licensing restrictions may apply – contact your data vendor)
    • To migrate internal data from an ATS or other source to a Bloomberg-based platform.
  • To take contributed data from a Marketlink-IP and contribute to Bloomberg via Platform Contributions

B-switch-H subscribes to an existing TREP source (via an ADS/P2PS) and publishes the data into a Bloomberg Platform. The simple configuration and auto-subscription mechanism means that setup takes a few minutes and then any Bloomberg API-based application can subscribe to the TREP source on-demand and receive streaming real-time data.

How it works

B-switch is a software application, running in user mode on a Linux server of your choice. Through a simple 4-step installation and setup, you configure B-switch to appear as Bloomberg Publisher on the Bloomberg Platform, and to connect to a known TREP-RT source of your choice.

Thereafter any application using Bloomberg API (including Bloomberg Professional) to the Bloomberg Enterprise Platform will have subscription requests satisfied by the TREP-RT source.

In order to take advantage of this capability, you will need to order the “Enterprise Publishing” capability for your Bloomberg Platform, and create services and schemas to suit the data you wish to publish.

If you are currently sharing data using a standard TREP/RMDS dictionary, then it is possible to create a Bloomberg service that mimics that format, reducing the need to consider new data models etc. On the other hand, if you have your own set of Field Ids for internal use, the Bloomberg schema can be created to match. We are happy to help you with this as we have an excellent relationship with Bloomberg to make the transition as smooth as possible.