Announcing B-Switch

B-Switch. Now you don’t have to be trapped by your market data platform.


Challenging vendor lock-in has always been a complex and expensive business – until now.

Ever tried to share data across Bloomberg Enterprise Platform and TREP-RT? Or between Eikon and Bloomberg Professional?

Do you need to migrate from one platform to the other, but have applications that can’t easily be re-written for a new API?

Perhaps you have an RFA application that publishes data you want to see in Bloomberg Professional? Or you want to migrate away from TREP-RT altogether but don’t have the bandwidth to recode all your applications?

B-switch adds an RFA interface to your Bloomberg Enterprise Platform. So all your TREP applications can see, subscribe and publish to it as if it were part of the TREP itself. And your Bloomberg API applications and terminals can see data on TREP too.

At Skyler we believe that market data solutions needn’t be complex or expensive. That’s why B-switch is available as a software download with a simple 4-step installation. It runs in user mode on a Linux server that you provide.

And once you decide to use it, B-switch is available on a month-by-month contract. No limits in data rates, connections or records/symbols.  Use it while you need to and then stop, with no long term commitment.

There are two flavours of B-switch:

B-switch-S: adds an ADS/P2PS style RFA interface for client applications to publish (via POST) and subscribe to data in and out of the Bloomberg Platform. Use this to hook up legacy applications, or share internal data between Eikon and Bloomberg desktop applications.

B-switch-H: subscribes to an existing TREP source (via an ADS/P2PS) and publishes the data into a Bloomberg Platform. Use B-switch-H to give Bloomberg API-based applications access to existing TREP sources, or to use Bloomberg Platform Contributions from an existing Marketlink or ATS.

Want to know more? Take a look at the B-switch product pages here, or contact us directly by email or phone and we will happily discuss your requirements in depth with no obligation.

Don’t forget that you’ll need to consider the symbology and data model you wish to use – and we can solve that too. Skyler has etensive firsthand knowledge and experience about both Bloomberg and TREP data models, and can make sure that the integration process goes as smoothly as possible using pre-configured schemas and configuration.