About Skyler

Skyler has been developing solutions for the real-time financial markets since 2005. Our software products combine speed, flexibility and ease of use, enabling the simplification of market data systems and the flexible, cost-effective use of content. They combine powerful, low-latency, in-memory processing with multiple programming APIs and market-specific business logic. Skyler’s customers get faster access to the market, faster insights into the market and therefore high trading efficiency.

Skyler’s origins lie in California USA, where the company was formed by Ted Jenkins with the aim of developing patented software algorithms for complex processing of data. Having achieved some success with clients in the financial sector, the decision was taken to focus entirely on the development of products in real-time financial technology, and in 2010 moved operations to a new base in London, where the company headquarters remain. Over the past few years, the complete technology stack has been reviewed and rewritten to support the modular product line and maximise performance and flexibility.